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sensory: Garden Inspiration

A garden which indulges the senses will have features that feed each sensory system. They might be aromatic, tactile, auditory, visual or combination of each.

Here are some simple ideas of how you can make your garden a calming, relaxing, sensorial experience. 

Scent: My favourite of the senses has to be scent, so this seems like a good place to start. The flowers which I have found best for creating aroma include:

  • Honey Suckle of the Japanese Variety
  • Wisteria – though this takes several years to flower, so this one will need some patience.
  • Jasmine, beautiful in scent and also for creating coverage and privacy
  • Rose, it’s worth researching different ones as some are more fragrant than others. Personally, like to go for light citrusy varieties.
  • Lavender – Lavendula Angustafolia is best.

Tactile: You can also use herbs such as Mint, Rosemary, Basil and Lemon Balm to create a tactile experience from rubbing the leaves between the fingers, which at the same time also creates a beautiful pungent scent.

Auditory: Hollow wind chimes create a relaxing light chime and are also thought to be better for Feng Shui. You could also try simply placing bird seed and water in your garden to attract more birds thus more song.

Visual: You might like to have a water feature to create a glassy visual delight or perhaps you could have solar powered fairy lights in amongst your plants to create a sensory experience at twilight.

Taste: Edible fruits and vegetables create the perfect stimulation for the taste buds, I love cherry trees, damsons, plums and strawberries. 

Movement: Movement is a sense which often gets forgotten. The right kinds of movement send messages to our brain which are calming and relaxing. Gentle linear movement can make us feel calm and peaceful. Try placing a hammock close to some of your fragrant flowers or if you are into yoga having a yoga mat close to you them.

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