30% Discount for NHS Teams & Blue Light Card Holders ...Find Out More

Discount for NHS Teams and Blue Light card holders

  As a health professional myself, I’ve never been prouder to work for the NHS. Our nurses, doctors and other health workers are more at risk of catching Covid then anyone. They are working tirelessly round the clock and harder than ever. They are at risk of burn out, psychological distress, fatigue and violence.   … Continued

meet the retailer: Wolf & Badger

Wolf and Badger launched in 2010 and is co-owned by two brothers,  Henry and George Graham. Wolf and Badger is not only a successful online retailer, but also three bricks and mortar stores located in desirable locations such as Soho New York and Mayfair and Nottinghill in London. As a store it prides itself focusing on … Continued

meet the retailer: Colony

Colony store is situated in the heart Totnes high street in Devon. Totnes is said to be one of the most eccentric towns in the UK, local people believe is it the centre of the universe! Its a popular tourist destination for many visiting the South Hams. Claire Shaw launched Colony in 2015 and prides … Continued

sensory: Garden Inspiration

A garden which indulges the senses will have features that feed each sensory system. They might be aromatic, tactile, auditory, visual or combination of each. Here are some simple ideas of how you can make your garden a calming, relaxing, sensorial experience.  Scent: My favourite of the senses has to be scent, so this seems like a good … Continued

Why do we love Omegas in our Organic Face Oils?

Omegas are essential and non essential fatty acids. Essential fatty acids we can synthesize from foods, non essential our bodies can make. There are three main Omegas known as Alpha Linoleic acid, Linolenic Acid and Oleic Acid. These acids are really important to consider when choosing an organic face oil. Alpha Linoleic Acid is also … Continued

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