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ingredient series: Lovely Lavender..

Lavender, probably one of the most common skin oils is well known for good reason. French Chemist Gattefosse first observed the healing effects Lavender when he burned his hand during an experiment. He treated his the wound with lavender essential oil and was astonished at the results. Lavender is now commonly associated with its ability … Continued

ingredient series: Oh Rosa!

Roses are harvested by hand between 5 and 10am when the oil content is at its highest. 60,000 roses are used to produce 1 ounce of the precious oil. Some believe the rose sprung from the blood of the hero Adonis, others say it sprung from the blood of the goddess Venus. Use of rose … Continued

ingredient series: Holy Neroli

Neroli also known as orange blossom, blooms from the lush evergreen orange tree. It is native to the far east but flourishes in mediterranean climates where it is harvested around May and October. The oil was named after Princess Nerola of Italy, who loved to wear the oil as a perfume. The exquisitely calming scent … Continued

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