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ingredient series: Holy Neroli

Neroli also known as orange blossom, blooms from the lush evergreen orange tree. It is native to the far east but flourishes in mediterranean climates where it is harvested around May and October. The oil was named after Princess Nerola of Italy, who loved to wear the oil as a perfume. The exquisitely calming scent … Continued

You are what you eat..

Our skin is our largest organ. Its function is to: Eliminate waste Process sensation Provide protection Regulate body temperature Manufacture vitamin D Storage our internal organs, muscles and skeletal system etc Absorption Protect the body from UV damage from the sun The health of our skin is closely linked to the health of the blood … Continued

What is the skin made of?

The skin has 2 basic layers, dermis and epidermis. The epidermis is the external structure and is made of layers of dead or dying cells separated by layers of lipids. The lipids protect and retain the moisture held in the deeper layer of the skin. These lipids account for 14% of the total weight of … Continued

What are the Benefits of Skin Oils?

In recent years plant based oils have become widely recognised by the beauty industry for their therapeutic benefits. Research into certain oils suggest they interact favourably with the skin because they are known to:   Balance Sebum production Reduce inflammation and infection Protect the skins barrier layer Support hydration  Provide cell regeneration   Strengthen the skin Provide … Continued

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