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ingredient series: Karma Camellia

Camellia has been used for centuries in eastern cultures for its rejuvenating and revitalising properties. It is anti inflammatory and rich in antioxidants and vitamins A,E and D, it illuminates the skin making it glow.

ingredient series: Apricot

Apricot has a soft smooth quality which tones, firms and melts into the skin. It increases the skins elasticity, hydrates, nourishes and helps calm irritation and inflammation.

ingredient series: Evening Primrose – evening star

Evening Primrose also know as the ‘evening star’ emits a phosphorescent light at night, it is native to North America, but cultivated all over the world. It is a rich oil useful for dry skin conditions, and known to accelerate healing of the skin. It is special because it contains Gamma Linolenic Acid a property … Continued

ingredient series: Argan – liquid gold

The Argan tree grows in the rugged dry highlands of Morocco. It is a hardy, thorny tree thats roots grow deep in search of water. Argan oil, known as liquid gold, is enriched with vitamin E a powerful antioxidant which fights free radicals (environmental pollutants which cause harm to our skin). It has anti aging … Continued

ingredient series: Frankincense

Frankincense was used by ancient Egyptians to rejuvenate the skin. Traditionally it is considered a sacred oil and has been used for centuries in meditative practises and religious ceremonies. It is a revitalises of ageing skin, it heals the skin, is anti inflammatory and preserves a youthful appearance.

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