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We Are All Sensory Creatures

We are all ‘sensory creatures’. We constantly seek, notice and respond to different sensations within our bodies and the surrounding environment.

Botanyblend marries a specialist knowledge of sensation with the art of aromatherapy to create beautiful skin and massage oils that indulge your senses and bring vitality to your skin.

Each batch is made by hand, using sustainably sourced, organic ingredients in our studio on the Devon coast.

Who Started It

What inspired you to create Botanyblend

I believe in mindful intuitive touch with intention, to nurture the skin, and improve wellbeing. In my line of work as an aromatherapist, and as an NHS Senior Occupational Therapist specialising in sensory integration, I understand the importance of the senses. In particular touch and smell.

Touch is one of the most important senses for our pleasure and wellbeing and involved in a large majority of our daily activities such as walking, eating, kissing, cuddling. Sadly as a species are moving way from touch. Touch keeps us safe and helps us feel secure, it nourishes us and threads wellbeing into the fabric of our being. Positive touch releases feel good serotonin, oxytocin, reduces blood pressure, heart rate, reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Massage to the skin also improves overall skin health by supporting the renewal of dead skin skills, improving circulation to the skin and reducing tension in the face.

With scent, the slightest hint of a familiar scent can trigger wonderful vivid memories and nostalgia, taking us back to our childhood or reminding us of a loved one. But often our sense of smell is often overlooked, 53% of 16-22 year olds said they would rather give up their sense of smell than give up technology. Aroma is processed in an area of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system plays a major role in controlling our mood, memory, behaviour and emotion. Because of this scent has the ability to trigger a treasured memory memory and also the ability to help shift our mood, help us to focus, feel energised or reduce feelings of anxiety or stress.

With the Botanyblend range I want people to take time to apply our aromatic massage oils with mindful intention, stimulating the senses to nurture the skin and calm the central nervous system.

What is your top beauty tips?

Move your body, dance, lift weights, swim, run, stretch - whatever is most meaningful to you. It calms and regulates the sensory system, reduces stress, stimulates lymphatic drainage, releases endorphins and improves sleep patterns. All things essential for health and well being.

Why are organic products important?

Scientists at Oxford university found that organic farms support 34% more plant, insect and animal species than conventional farms and have 50% more pollinators such as bees. We use organic ingredients so that we can be confident our ingredients have not been genetically modified or grown using pesticides. We can also be confident that by supporting organic we are minimising pollution, working with natural systems not against them, and contributing to building better soil fertility.

Katie Paige - Founder

How we do it

We use a rich and pure range of ingredients, chosen for the powerful aroma-therapeutic synergies they create, and the ‘active’ nutrients they provide the skin. Where possible we use raw, organic ingredients that have undergone the least aggressive extraction to preserve the vital components of the plant.

Suited to all skin types our products are concentrated with fat soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and plant pigments. They provide the skin with glowing radiance, improve elasticity, heal, plump, balance, regenerate and help to hydrate the skin.

Welcome To Botanyblend

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