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Organic skin oils to indulge the senses and nurture the skin


Omega rich indulgent organic face oil that clarifies, balances and plumps the skin. Ultra lightweight, super absorbent beautiful drops of sunshine.

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Twilight organic face oil that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin. Lucent drops of star dust to illuminate your evening skincare.

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Created by Occupational Therapist and Aromatherapist Katie Paige, Botanyblend is a sensory inspired wellness range designed to promote positive sensory experiences, reduce stress and boost happiness.

In a world which never switches off, self care should not be an indulgence but a necessity for good health. Botanyblend inspires sensory journeys, to promote sense of self and provide essential self care opportunities for small moments of calm.


Calming, soothing cashmere for the skin, perfect for when the skin is sensitive and in need of nurturing.

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